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500% ↑ 2000 – 2020

The owner of the Argyle diamond mine, Rio Tinto, estimates that Argyle pink diamond prices have appreciated by 500% at the mine’s private tenders over the past 20 years. Now the mine has closed with demand for Argyle pink diamonds never greater as prices continue to rise.
Loose Round Pink Diamonds

Rare Australian Pink Diamonds

In 1979 a glittering pink diamond was discovered on top of an anthill in a remote part of the Kimberly wilderness in Western Australia. When the subsequent Argyle mine commenced production in 1983, this would be the beginning of an extraordinary story about the search for the very rarest of rare diamonds created over 1.6 billion years ago.

The Argyle Diamond Mine has produced over 90% of the world’s pink diamonds during the last 38 years. However, deposits were limited and the Argyle Diamond Mine ceased operations in November 2020. Whilst the demand and popularity of pink diamonds grows stronger supply from the world’s primary producer has come to an end.

They say that it would take twenty years to fill a crystal wine glass with the very finest pinks discovered at the Argyle Diamond Mine during its comparatively short history.

Yourdiamonds.comTM is honoured to have been appointed to conduct the First Public Sealed Bid Tender of Australian Pink Diamonds. We are proud to have been entrusted with mandates from the esteemed collector, Ms Di Fitzpatrick of Brisbane, a South Australian financial corporation and eight private collectors to offer for sale so many beautiful and rare pink diamonds all of which are appearing on the secondary market for the very first time. 


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